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How many types of covers do you carry?

We carry 5 styles of auto covers:

  • BH Executive Storm-Proof
  • BH Signature Water-Proof 4L
  • BH Solar-Tech Reflective
  • BH Superior Out-Door
  • BH Premium In-Door 2L

What are the features of your covers?

Each cover includes the following features:

  • 2 Side Scratch-proof Grommet Holes
  • Real Pull Strings
  • Elastic Edges along the Sides
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • BH Guarantee

Plus, you get the following free items:

  • Storage Bag
  • Antenna Patch
  • Security Cable & Lock Kit Set

What do you do if a cover doesn't fit?

A proper fitment is very important to every customer, and we understand that it's one of the top concerns when buying a cover.

That's why we offer:

What's your current promotion? Any special discounts?

What are your hours of operation? Where's your contact info?