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About Us

Since 1900's Beverly Hills Auto Covers began making car covers and after getting through the different materials, shapes, and styles, we figured that it's best to keep it simple and right to the point. Plus, great customer service is something that you can't imitate.

About Us Car Cover

Today, we ship out over 500 vehicle covers each day across the world, directly from our warehouse in Los Angeles, California. We started in Beverly Hills in a tiny little office, where the A/C often went on the fritz; hence, that's where we built our name.

No, the covers don't smell like the sea, but they sure keep your car dry. California may have the beach, but it's still a desert, so we have to deal with really heavy sun that loves to tear through covers in minutes.

Although you may have experienced rainy days, where you end up with the aggravation of a wet car cover, we hope you never have to deal with a auto cover that melted away from the sun!

We've seen both, and that's why our Bevely Hills Auto Covers are made only with the best, by the best, for the best.